Monday, January 07, 2008

Christmas Shopping Experiences

Christmas shopping for me is usually pretty easy. I choose to shop for sales, although I will buy something at retail price, if it hasn’t gone on sale by a few days before Christmas. I don’t do this very often. I also prefer to pay cash, and, this year, credit cards were never taken out of my billfold. I planned not to have leftover bills after Christmas. There were definitely no unsecured loans during my Christmas shopping.

I did part of my shopping by myself, but also spent one full day with my daughter and three of her four children. We went from store to store trying to buy things for each of the children who are at the ages that they are hard to please. One store was visited more than once. I went with one grandson to buy his Mother’s gift from him. While we were coming back to the car, he mentioned he had forgotten to get boxes in the store where we had been several times. I waited at the door as he walked up in front of the crowd at the cashier and stood to the side. I watched as the guy noticed him, listened to his request for boxes and immediately filled his order without hesitation. I asked my grandson what the guy had said to him. He said, “Oh, I couldn’t forget you. You have been in here several times today.”

And one incident that stands out happened with a gift that was bought for my granddaughter. She had picked out two purses she liked. Her Mother bought one and her brother bought the other one for her. Christmas Eve, while all the children were gone, my daughter called to tell me she had found one of the store security tag on the purse she was about to wrap. So, they had to revisit the store again and get the tag removed. We do not know how they missed the tag or how we got out of that store without being caught.

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