Thursday, January 31, 2008

Riding the wave

I’m not usually into politics all that much. But, with advancing years, it seems to be more in the forefront of my mind than it was when I was younger. This year, in particular, has bothered me most in all the past election of years.

There has been a stream of GOP hopefuls, many just riding the wave for name recognition (my opinion). When you have seven or eight politicians campaigning, it is hard to get behind any of them. I’ve seen too much barking between candidates rather than them making clear their positions. My first choice had been Fred Thompson, but I feel he stayed out of the campaign trail too long before entering. Therefore, people did not take him seriously.

Today we have John McCain, Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee, and Ron Paul still on the trail vying for the attention of voters. I personally do not think Ron Paul has a chance and is wasting his money, but his beliefs are making it out to the people. Mike Huckabee, although an evangelical Christian and preacher, has not staked his claim to the majority of Christian voters. I believe he is a very articulate man, very honest and forthright, and perhaps make a good president. But, rather than gaining in the primaries after the win in Iowa, he seems to be losing out. On the other hand, John McCain, who ran low in the two primaries, seems to be the front runner over Mitt Romney now. But, the bid for nomination is not over and we will see lots more mud slinging before that selection is made known. Super Tuesday could bring about lots of changes. But, right now, it seems to be a two-man race between McCain and Romney.

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani pulled out of the race after Florida and endorsed McCain. I have just listened to the Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, give his endorsement of McCain this morning. I do not know what these endorsements will do for McCain or whether the ones who voted for Giuliani will go on to uphold his choice for President.

Who ever our choice for President is, we need to vote on Super Tuesday. Choosing not to vote only helps those less qualified to perhaps gain the nomination. And, voting shows your support for the great country in which we live today. Too many of our rights have been taken away, and the choice of nominees for President may make the difference in our losing more of our freedoms or salvaging what is left.

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