Tuesday, January 15, 2008

You are blessed

There are many times we look at our lives and our situations and wonder why or how we arrived where we are. We don’t realize that situations could be worse and we could be lower than we are at the moment.

  • Do you have a roof over your head?
  • Are you warm in the winter and cool in the summer due to the ability to have electricity or gas?
  • Do you have shoes on your feet?
  • Do you have food on your table or in your refrigerator?
  • Do you have a job or retired with the ability to pay your bills?
  • Are you able to go to a church near you, if you choose to go?
  • Do you wake up each morning and look out the window to see the sunshine without worrying if a terrorist is lurking outside?
  • Do you have someone to whom you can say, “I love you”?

If you can say yes to only a few of these things, you are definitely blessed. There are so many in this world today that do not have a roof over their heads. They are homeless. Life isn’t easy for them. They perhaps are wearing old shoes, having to eat at a soup kitchen, and hunt for a place to sleep at night. Some even make refuge under a city bridge.

There are those in war-torn countries that are afraid to even lay down to sleep at night for fear of being bombed out of their homes. They worry each day if it perhaps will be their last day on earth. They never know if the person coming towards them is an honest citizen or a bomb-wearing crazed individual, willing to give up their life for a cause that is beyond our belief.

The people in those war-torn areas see death almost daily. The sound of bombs going off, or guns being shot are a daily reminder of the way life is for them. They are never able to let their guard down because they may be the next victim of a terrorist.

photo by QT Luong/terragalleria.com, all rights reserved

Many other countries do not have the freedom we have here in America. They cannot choose to go to the church they might want to attend and, many times, have to go underground. They are sometimes forbidden to have anything to do with Christianity. And, if they do, then they live in fear of being killed, or imprisoned because they did not choose to follow the acceptable religion of that particular country. In America, you can choose to attend whatever church you want, and follow any religion, or no religion at all. You have the ability to express your views about the preacher, the President, or any number of people without fear of being sought out to face the law.

Next time we decide we might not be blessed the way we think we should be, stop and remember all those people with sleepless nights, hunger in their stomachs, and the fear of dying at anytime.

Psalms 34:8, "O taste and see that the LORD is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him."

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