Tuesday, January 15, 2008

New England Patriots

Football is a passion with my husband and me! Having a grandson whom played for five years in high school made the sport that much more appealing.

My husband has watched the New England Patriots with great expectation this year. He believes they are the best team in the AFC. They have really played some great games this season. Tom Brady seems to always step up to any challenge he faces.

New England Patriots history goes back to 1960. They have always been a great football team. But the first championship was won after Bill Belichek became the head coach. Tom Brady took over as quarterback for injured Drew Bledsoe and he has become a household name.

Some consider Brady one of the best quarterbacks if not the best quarterback in history. With Tom Brady as the quarterback, the New England Patriots have become only the fourth team in NFL history to have a perfect regular season. The Chicago bears were the first team to achieve that honor in 1934.

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