Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Wedgewood Grey - Book Review

Wedgewood Grey
The Black or White Chronicles – Book Two
Author: John Aubrey Anderson
Publisher: Warner Faith, NY
ISBN: 10-D-446-57950-5

Wedgewood Grey begins with yet another tragedy at the lake at Cat Bridge. And, in the aftermath, Mose Washington, Missy Parker’s close friend is forced to leave. But, he isn’t leaving by himself. Before she died, one of the victims made him promise that he would look after her son like his on. He is driven from his lifelong home because of the fear of a black man being killed because of the death of white men. Thus, he began a long journey and became a fugitive from justice.

Then comes the FBI to investigate. A man named Jeff Wagner is one of those FBI investigators. He isn’t a Christian and knows absolutely nothing about demons. And, it takes lots of selling on the part of the people to make him understand what is really going on. And, until a near-death experience with those same demons, he has no interest in knowing God or believing there are such things as demons. But, the exchange of a silver dollar from the hand of another former unbeliever to his will soon make a difference.

The FBI is out to find Mose and the little boy. They have gone north from Mississippi and assumed new lives. They have contacts that keep them in touch with those they hold dear. But, unbeknown to them, they are being hunted by Jeff Wagner and others, not to be put on trial, but to be kept safe from harm. As the story unfolds, the little boy, Bill Mann, and his ‘Poppa’ Mose Mann (Washington) grow close, but Bill hasn’t become a Christian. He believes in God but cannot understand why God would let his Mother die. Jeff Wagner passes that silver dollar down to Bill after he graduates and says, “That will be a reminder that I’d give a dollar to hear you say you are going to be worth it”. (page 365)

The author, John Aubrey Anderson, grew up in Mississippi and graduated from Mississippi State. He recently retired from 28 years as a pilot for an airline. You can learn more about John at his web site.

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