Saturday, February 16, 2008

Give me a little time

In this hectic world, time is what we definitely need. I realize that we often feel lazy because we are merely blogging. But, during the times we are not blogging, perhaps we are racing to get things done. I know that is what went on in my life during this past week.

It all started a week ago this past Friday. That is the day I go to my beautician, buy my elderly Mother's groceries and go see her and do whatever I need to do that day. Well, seems her septic tank (or so we thought) took that time to act up. Flushed the commode and the water all backed up into her tub and sinks. You could hear the strainers in the kitchen even popping! It was Friday afternoon and too late to get someone out. So my husband and I spent Saturday at my Mother's getting the septic tank cleaned out only to find the line from the house to the septic tank was full of roots and soap build up and would not let the water through. So, we spend Sunday there again with the Roto-Rooter man.

Have you ever had Roto-Rooter come out to your house? Ever seen their commercials where they work so fast and so efficient? Don't hold your breath! We were told the man would be there at 11AM only to have the company person call and say he was out on a job and it would be late afternoon before he could get to us. My husband reminded them that this was for an elderly woman and they had promised us a time of 11AM. Well, in 10 mins the woman called back, saying they were sending someone out right then. Well, we should have known it would be the less-qualified person! My brother came up to watch the process and we all stood around shaking our heads, wondering what maneuver would come next. The poor fellow removed the end of the auger in order not to have to remove the section of pipe under the house that would give him access to the larger entry. Well, that got him into trouble; he could not get it out - hung up in roots! He was caught in a lie when he finally had to dig up the septic tank lid and go through there back to the house with another auger. My husband said this guy probably thought we were all 'born yesterday'. He was young and nice, but not qualified to do the job that needed to be done, so we spent hours on something that should have taken a few minutes. But, it is finished now, everything works, and my Mother is happy,that is, expect it costing her a chunk of money! She was afraid she was going to have to pay for the hours he spent trying to fix his mistake.

Next comes the flu and stomach virus episodes. Just as my husband and my daughter were getting over the flu, my daughter's middle son came down with a stomach virus. He missed 2 day out of school, tried to go the third day, but got sick. I ended up going an hour away to get him at school and take him to the doctor. Ended up he definitely had a stomach virus and had to spend the next two days out of school. Hopefully, by Monday, he will be able to get back in the swing of things at school. Seems every school around has been affected this past month or so with epidemics!

So, I am ready for some time - time to be lazy, time to do what I love to do - be lazy. Hey, I've done my time - raised my kids, made it to retirement age, and now I've decided it is time I do what I want when I want. I have nobody to answer to but myself. My husband don't count because he does what he wants. We just let each other do whatever we feel like doing, eat when we want to, work when we want to and play when we get ready. He still works with his big truck, when he gets called out on a job which has been very scarce the past 6 months and he is ready to get back to work. And, I'm ready for him to get out and get busy - he has taken over my big television when he is not on his computer or outside working. (grin).

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Cathy said...

Well, you deserve to be lazy after all that! What you said about your husband is so cute. You two are very blessed in your retirement.

Barbara said...

Thanks, Cathy. That is what I thought. As for Bill, I couldn't have a better husband! I told him this morning I was going to have to keep him around. :)