Tuesday, January 27, 2009

John's Quest - Book Review

John’s Quest – Book Review
Author: Cecelia Dowdy

John’s Quest is a Christian fiction romance that brings together a Christian woman who has never married and an agnostic. There are strong attractions, but the woman resists because she knows it is not good to be married to an unbeliever.

Her younger sister who has done everything but live the Christian life presents her with a nephew who is blind. She just drops him off for an uncertain amount of time in order to take off with the latest boyfriend. Her parents live a long way off, so she has the problem of taking care of a blind boy while trying to work and take care of her home. She really has no time to work on a relationship she thinks may never go anywhere. But she does pray daily for the salvation of this agnostic.

The agnostic is a teacher and he has a heart for blind children. So, he took on the responsibility of tutoring her nephew to get him up to par in his schoolwork. The arrangement is for him to come to her house to tutor. But, after awhile, this seems to be too much for both of them, considering he hasn’t turned to God and she doesn’t want to get any closer to him. But, he does finally accept God, and they soon get back together.

This book is a great read and wonderful love story. I could have read it in one sitting. One just feels as though they are living right there, witnessing what is going on in these people’s lives. And that is the essence of a successful novel.


Cecelia Dowdy said...

Thanks for posting this wonderful review, Barbara. Also, I'd like to point out that if anybody is interested in purchasing John's Quest, you can buy it directly from the publisher for $2.97! Where else, in this tough economy, can you purchase a brand new paperback book for less than three dollars? Here's the phone number and the link if you'd like to order:
(800) 847- 8270

Cathy said...

That does sound like a great book, Barb. And you got a nice comment by the author herself about your wonderful review. And what a deal on the book!

Randy Furco said...

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