Thursday, September 14, 2006

E. coli outbreak traced to bagged spinach

There has been another outbreak of e.coli in at least 8 states. People are being warned not to eat bagged spinach. There has already been one death and 50 sick people reported. The sickness has afflicted mixed ages, but most of them have been women.

The states included are Connecticut, Idaho, Indiana, Michigan, New Mexico, Oregon and Utah, where there are 8 seriously ill people. And, Wisconsin has the only death so far, and 20 more are sick there. The FDA is advising everybody to stay away from eating any bagged spinach. They think all the sickness is coming from one bug.

E. coli causes diarrhea, often with bloody stools. Most healthy adults can recover completely within a week, although some people - including the very young and old - can develop a form of kidney failure that often leads to death.

Anyone who has gotten sick after eating raw packaged spinach should contact a doctor, officials said.

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