Friday, September 15, 2006

Wisconsin Students planned attack on school

Two 17 year old students from East High School in Green Bay were arrested Thursday morning. They were found to have an array of guns, ammunition, bombs, and other weapons in their homes, which was raided by police. They also found suicide notes.

The school resource officer of the school found out that these two boys were obsessed with pain, death, and had suicidal thoughts. The Chief of police said these boys had learned about bomb making on the Internet.

"This was a Columbine waiting to happen, from the briefing that I've had" said prosecutor John Zakowski. "Only they know how close it was to being reality."

Zakowski said he cannot say what charges might be filed until interviews are finished, but any charges will be handled in adult court. The police chief said authorities were considering charges of conspiracy to commit murder and conspiracy to commit arson.

This could certainly have been another Columbine waiting to happen. But, thanks to the relationships the school staff has with its students, it has been stopped.

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