Saturday, September 30, 2006

Political Correctness taken a little too far

It is very bad when we can't let our little children take part in a play that happens to mention Christmas! When is enough enough? When is this mis-guided idea going to be really challenged enough that Christians, or just little children are able to enjoy the Christmas holidays without being told it's inappropriate to even mention Christmas at school?

Yes, that's what happened last year.

Windmill Point parent Heather Cowart, mom to third-grader Logan, said she was upset last year when Logan's teacher demanded he not bring Santa cupcakes, candy canes or other Christmas-themed treats to a "holiday party." Even donations of canned goods to the needy had to be wrapped in newspaper, not traditional wrapping paper, Cowart said.

Meanwhile, Parkway Elementary School had a Christmas tree in the front lobby last year, and other schools have enjoyed visits from the jolly old elf himself, the parents said.

"I don't understand why these secular things are being taken away from our young children," Cowart said. "Last year Logan got in trouble for saying 'Christmas' in class. Is that a bad word now?"

Just what are we teaching our children? The PC crowd wants us to appease everyone. Laws are being made and probably more on the way that is going to soon make it hard to even speak without committing a crime of offense. Little children do not understand what is happening in our society. They just want to believe in Santa, enjoy Christmas, and do the things all little kids enjoy doing during the holidays. And, it is not omitting saying Christmas, and calling it "Happy Holidays".

Already this year, a little girl is unable to play Mrs. Claus in a play called A Penguin Christmas at her school, because she was informed that the principal had said there would be no mention of Christmas in the holiday festivals. Principal Bernadette Floyd has let one parent dictate what goes on in her school. A parent protested last year for a stricter separation of church and state. So, the principal decided to take a more generic approach to Christmas. Sure, knuckle under at the first sign (remember what one woman did with prayer in the schools?) of disagreement. I doubt that the woman would win the case, considering the play was about Santa, Rudolph, elves, and penguins!

The mother of the little girl wondered why it's okay to offend her and Mrs. Cowart by not allowing the play, and not offending those parents who objected to the Christmas play.

Just be politically incorrect and say Merry Christmas with the Merry Christmas bracelet.

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Laura Linger said...

Initially, I would agree with you, primarily because I love Christmas, and it is the one time of the year when I still acknowledge my Catholic roots.

The trouble here is, these are public schools funded with public taxpayer dollars. Sometimes living in a democracy such as ours sucks...the minority sometimes rules the majority. And while I may think that it is ludicrous that all of this hoopla is being raised about a holiday and a little kids' party, I have to grudgingly admit that the decision was the correct one, and the price we pay for ALL being created equal.

Still, I really feel upset with that one parent for being a jerk. That's a pretty high price to pay for being right, and it's the little children who bear the brunt of it.

I guess that's being an American, Barbara...not agreeing with someone, yet defending to the death their right to hold those views.