Saturday, September 23, 2006

Fall Into Reading Challenge Book List

Katrina, at Callapidder Days, has issued a challenge to those of us who love to read. We list all the books we would love to read this fall, and then make a commitment to get them read by December 21, 2006.

I am listening the books that I would like to read through this Fall in this post. I have started a few of them, and others I have here, but have not read. I also am listing a few I still want to buy and read. I may eventually add more to my list, as days go on.

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amy said...

all of those titles sound good

Debi said...

I have The Good Life by Colson. I'll be interested to hear what you think of it.

Katrina said...

Looks like a good list, Barbara! Thanks for joining the challenge - and enjoy your reading!

April said...

Hi Barbara,
I just finished 90 Minutes in Heaven. I was a little dissapointed in the overall book because I thought there would be MORE about him being in heaven, but I liked the message of the book. Good luck with your list.