Sunday, September 24, 2006

Pastor Rasheed says 500 Bibles needed in Pakistan

Pastor Shahzad Rasheed is pastor of Gospel Pentecostal Church of Pakistan. He and his members are doing everything possible to spread the WORD in Pakistan. They are continually 'sowing the seed' and reaping a harvest. The 'harvest' is also helping them in working to get souls saved and into the Kingdom of God.

Pakistan is a fundamental Islamic nation. Pastor Rasheed says they are persecuted and deceived by the Muslims all the time. So, they cannot preach openly, and have to go underground.

The biggest problem they have is their ability to get Holy Bibles. And, they are in great need. Right now, they need 500 Bibles, or the cash to buy them. Please be in prayer for Pastor Rasheed and all the people in Pakistan who are standing for the Gospel of Jesus Christ, that their needs will be met quickly.

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