Monday, August 20, 2007

Finding it hard to become motivated

I have no idea what the problem is with becoming motivated – at anything. Perhaps it is this summer heat which has reached the highest temperatures in many years – 106 here, at times. Even when it is in the 90’s, there has been hardly any air to speak of.

I’ve heard people say, in order to cause someone to become motivated at about a particular thing, you need to ‘light a fire’ under them. I don’t know if lighting a fire under me at the moment would motivate me to do much. I have become a little complacent in my life recently, doing only what is necessary at the moment. I have not felt like ‘running a country mile’ to impress anyone outside my husband. I have lots of things I could be doing, especially book reviews, but find it hard to even want to get started. I know I have to do them, but right now is just not the time. It is easier to eat, wash dishes, and sit down to compute than it is to read books. I don’t watch much television, with the exception of news, so that is not a problem. I am sure not addicted to soap operas!

Does anyone have a cure for loss of motivation? Have you had a similar problem with motivation, and found a way to overcome? If you do, would you please share it with me?

I have slackened off on posting even to this blog. Last night, I was trying to figure out a setting for my camera in order to do a picture for a Flickr assignment. I could not figure it out, and was trying to read the ‘fine’ print in my camera manual. My husband spoke up and said, ‘you need to stop emailing so much and study that manual more’. Sure – easy said! When you don’t work outside the house and your friends don’t live near, it is easier to email to keep up with every thing happening in their lives. I cannot give up my emailing!

With this post, I am trying my best to become motivated in order to keep my blog updated. If you come here and do not find me motivated, how about dropping me a comment or an email and tell me to get with the plan!

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Cathy said...

lol, I think you are doing just fine, Barb. It probably is the heat. I am not very motivated to do much either, since it is so hot. And, thank the Lord, our computer does keep us company with our friends. :-)

Marie said...

I think we go through cycles, hills and valleys, and you should just enjoy the ride. There is a time to put out a lot of work, and a time to sit back and be contemplative.