Sunday, August 05, 2007

Is procrastination in your vocabulary?

I do not know of anyone who has not procrastinated at least one time in life. As we grow older, the amount of times goes up, believe me.

Many times, I’ve set myself a schedule to do something at a certain time or specific day, only to put it off until later. Well, sometimes later never gets here. Call it laziness. I call it building habits, and sometimes habits are hard to break.

One of the worse things to procrastinate over, if you are a computer user, is doing a regular backup. As David found out over at Third World County, it lands you in deep trouble. I have done this several times. I keep meaning to do a back up, and forget or wait too long. Then, out of no where, my computer has crashed. Several of those times, I’ve lost almost everything I’ve had on my computer. And, it’s a sinking feeling when the computer will not boot up.

One thing I procrastinated over this year was buying flowers for my concrete containers on my front porch and retaining wall. I only have 4 long ones and 4 square ones and they take lots of flowers. I thought I’d buy begonias to put in them because they seem to do better and stay prettier longer. I have grandsons who come over during the summer and usually play basketball and break them down. I kept putting it off until it’s too late. And, guess what! They only played basketball a couple times on the drive because it’s been entirely too hot to play outside – that is, unless they are cutting grass for Papa and making money. Then, it’s a different story!

I found an article that makes interesting reading. The article is called “Procrastination: 10 Things To Know”. The article says procrastinators sometimes sabotage themselves. And procrastinators do it for different reasons.

  • Those who wait until the last moment
  • Avoiders because of fear of failure or maybe even success
  • Those that cannot make a decision
This article may help all procrastinators become non-procrastinators!

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David said...

*heh* The really funny thing is that I harp on this constantly to clients--especially when I've had to recover data for them from a "dead" (or more usually, simply unbootable) drive.

And I do maintain a decent backup schedule on our twc central computers... except this time. *heh* Oh. Well. Definitely moving the backup server build onto the front burner. :-)

Barbara said...

My husband tells me constantly, backup whatever you don't want to lose. I haven't lost anything in a long time, but my day is probably coming. I do genealogy and I do back it and my bank account up periodically. They are on my PC - I'm using my laptop right now. But, my backup drive is unplugged in my PC and my husband keeps forgetting to hook it back up! So, I get to blame him, if I lose anything. :)