Tuesday, August 07, 2007

I am on a roll tonight

I have been visiting blogs tonight. And some of the posts just seem to jump out at me, like Jollyblogger’s post on 10 words to get rid of. Of course, he had read Tim Ferris’ blog entry on this subject. So, I jumped over and read the entry, including the comments.

When I finished reading, I decided I had something to add to these posts. Have you ever talked with someone and heard these words over and over:

“like, you know, and uh, like, and uh”?

My husband worked with a guy that literally drove me crazy when I had to sit around and hear him speak. I wanted to say, are you not able to talk without using all those words? Do you not know how to put together at least one sentence without using ‘and uh’?

I also hate ‘duh’, although teenagers literally eat the word daily! Or, perhaps ‘so’ is your word. When someone makes a remark about something you’ve said, you answer with ‘so’?, as if that gives them any clue as to what you mean.

And, that brings me to remarks we make without even realizing what we are saying. One of those I hear most often is ‘that tickles me to death’. Does it? Or, perhaps it is ‘I’m crazy’. Well, I don’t want to bring death or craziness on me, so I’m trying to break the habit! And, I do believe most of our speech is a learned habit. We say these things, and the words linger in our mind, and come out through our mouth. We have them said before we even realize it. The habit wasn’t established in a day and it takes more than a day to get rid of the habit. But, if we work on it long and hard enough, we will master the urge!

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1 Comment:

Maxine said...

One of my favorites is "that boggles my mind." How in the world does one "boggle" their mind? And why do I so often stick the phrase "in the world" in my queries? Thanks for making me think about it, Barbara.
Just stopped by to say hello--hope you are well.