Saturday, August 25, 2007

Is anybody listening?

Sometimes there is an exception to the rule. When someone speaks, we need to turn our attention to that person. But, often, people become boring, and I find myself entertaining myself with something else in order not to pay attention.

But, do you ever find yourself speaking to someone, only to have someone else push themselves into the conversation? Then the person to whom you were speaking just turns their attention to the other person, not hearing a thing you are saying. That really annoys me! I have even got up and left because of how some people seem to be more important than the conversation we have had going before the person so rudely interrupted.

Don't know about you, but I was taught manners when I was home. You did not butt into conversations. You politely stood and waited to say what was on your mind, or you came back later to speak to that person. You didn't just jump in and start talking. Either you had no teaching at home, or you 'was not listening' when your Mother was speaking!

I get so upset with some of the commentators and their guests on television. I find myself screaming at the TV - "SHUT UP". They will all sometimes go off on a rampage, and I am sure they hear nothing the other person says. How can you with a commentator trying to speak his mind, and the four waiting in the wings all talking to and at one another? Makes no sense. They just seem like a bunch of children trying to out do the other! I love to watch Bill O'Reilly, but sometimes I just want to throw something at his guests! I love Hannity and Colmes (Hannity is my guy!), but some of the guests just do not get it! How easy is it to 'wait in line' for your turn? Would these same people push ahead in line at the local fast food restaurant? Probably so! They sure show no manners in front of millions of people; why should a handful at McDonald's make a difference?

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