Friday, February 02, 2007

Chaplain gets one more week in Navy

Chaplain Lt. Gordon J. Klingenschmitt's discharge as the Naval chaplain has been blocked for at least another week by a 3 judge panel.

A three-judge panel has temporarily blocked the Navy from discharging an evangelical chaplain who was convicted last year of disobeying a lawful order by wearing his uniform to a press conference outside the White House.
The panel of judges will decide whether or not to give the Chaplain a longer time in the Navy, at least until his lawsuit against Navy Secretary Donald C. Winter is heard.

Since Chaplain Klingenschmitt was discharged, he has also lost housing on base. He was forced to find other housing. He now has housing in a cramped student apartment at Regent University.

Klingenschmitt hopes to stay in the Navy. If he isn't allowed, he will lose his pension and housing. But, he says he has no regrets because he has kept his faith and not compromised his conscience. He says he has not watered down his prayers, and he still has Jesus Christ which means more to him than anything he has lost through all this.

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