Sunday, February 11, 2007

Germs in abundance

I had completely forgotten about what took place at the restaurant where my husband and I had eaten dinner last night until I got an email. With that email was a link to a post from Scared Monkeys called Worried About Germs - Stay Away from Grocery Carts.

My husband and I had just sat down to eat at a restaurant last night. I proceeded to pour some steak sauce in my plate from a bottle on the table which had been used by who knows whom. I noticed my husband took a napkin and picked it up, wiping off the cap and the bottle before using it to pour steak sauce on his plate. I asked him what he was doing that for and he replied, "This is how we get sick. All the germs that come from people who are sick and pick up these bottles pass it on to us." And, he is right. When sick people go out in public and do not wash their hands and eat before us - pick up the bottles, salt and pepper shakers, the tongs at the salad or hot tables, they are passing on their germs to us. Since I had used the bottle before he did this, I promptly pulled out my hand sanitizer from my purse (yes, women carry all sorts of things in their purse!) and cleaned my hands before I took another bite.

And,when you read the article at Scared Monkeys, you might want to think twice before putting your groceries in the section of the buggy made to hold children. I had never given a thought to what really might have been in that part of the buggy before reading this post. And, I always set my purse in that place the moment I get the buggy.That might just change. I know we come in contact with enough germs without adding to them.

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