Friday, February 23, 2007

The Homemaking Meme

I visited Barb over at A Chelsea Morning and found this interesting Meme. She did a better job than me, because she is a better housekeeper than me; but then, she is younger than I am. :) Seriously, I thought it would be fun to do this today.

Aprons - Y/N? I used aprons early in my marriage but do not own any now.

Baking – Favorite thing to bake? I love to bake cakes. I love pound cakes, german chocolate and love to make them from scratch.

Clothesline - Y/N? Haven’t had a clothesline in years! But, I can still smell the clean linens when we would bring them in the house.

Donuts - Ever made them? Yes, I’ve made donuts – the french kind that are empty in the middle and you cover with confectioner’s sugar.

Everyday - One homemaking thing you do everyday? Usually wash a small load of clothes (I have the washer that only uses enough water to wash whatever size load you put in there – two items or ten – doesn’t matter. No wasted water!

Freezer - Do you have a separate deep freezer? Had a large one for years, when we had a garden. Only have a small one in the basement that belongs to my son. Use it for extras. I mostly use my side-by-side freezer/refrigerator.

Garbage Disposal - Y/N? No, although my kitchen is wired for one. We just never got around to installing one.

Handbook - Y/N? Handbook? What is that?  I’m from the era where you didn’t even look at the manual to put something together unless you had a problem.

Ironing - Love it or hate it? Neither. I iron, if I have to. I usually put off ironing my husband’s shirts and slacks until he reminds me he needs some. Then, I’ll iron everything in sight.

Junk Drawer - Where is it? Where else – the kithchen. I have a couple – one in a mess, and the other one is organized.

Kitchen - Design and decorating? My kitchen is ready for a makeover. Dark cabinets and gold appliances. Need a new floor. We are going to redo our cabinets light and go with white appliances or polished aluminum.

Love - What is your favorite part of homemaking? Contrary to most people, I do not mind cleaning bathrooms, especially commodes. I hate dirty commodes! Nothing really is my favorite – it’s just a job.

Mop - Y/N? Yes, kitchen and laundry room. I want wood!

Nylons - Wash them by hand or in the washer? I have done both, although I mostly wash them by hand.

Oven - Do you use the window or open it to check? I use the window, but have been known to open the door – against my husband’s objection.

Pizza - What do you put on yours? I go with a super supreme – everything they have at Pizza Hut, but my husband gets the green peppers.

Quiet - What do you do during the day when you get a quiet moment? I’m either reading or computing.

Recipe card box - Y/N? I used to use one many moons ago, but no longer. I do keep some favorite recipes filed in a folder.

Style of house – I have no idea what you call my home! It’s just a normal 1 story/full basement/ and double garage, brick.

Tablecloths and napkins - Y/N? I use a tablecloth on the kitchen table. I use cloths in the DR on holidays, sometimes. I love cloth napkins. My husband likes paper, so I use both.

Under the kitchen sink – You name it; it’s there – if it’s cleaning things for the house: carpet cleaner, pledge, windex, and my SOS pads, silver cleaner, powders/liquid for dishwasher, and more!

Vacuum - How many times a week? I don’t. My husband vacuums usually once a week.

Wash - How many loads do you do a week? As I said above, I usually wash at least one small load a day.

X'es - Do you keep a list of things to do and cross them off? Only for my groceries. No way would I keep a list of household things to do! I’d be depressed all the time.

Yard - Who does what? My husband and I usually share the lawnmower duties. He trims with the weed eater, plus blows the leaves most of the time.

ZZZ's - What is your last homemaking task for the day? Pick up any stray cups or glasses and put them in the kitchen.

If you feel like a MEME today, try this one, and let me know. I'll come read yours, too.

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Barb said...

I'm thinking you don't know how old I really am, Barbara. LOL Believe me, I've slowed down a LOT.

I have that kind of washer, too. I love that I don't have to fill the whole washer for just a few things.

This homemaking meme is nice. It's nice to read how differently people approach something we all do - keep our homes. You did a nice job with it.

Barbara said...

True, Barb, I do not know how old you are. But, you seem to be all collected and your house seems so clean. And, you babysit for your grandchild. I'm glad I'm not having to do that right now. I'd probably lose my sanity.

By the way, the older generation of today look much younger than our years! Maybe we took care of ourselves. :) Someone at the beautician's asked me my age and she thought I was about 50. I could have hugged her good!


What brand is your washer??? I am really interested in that.

Barbara said...

Butterfly, sorry I only saw your note tonight in moderation. About 10 comments never made it to my computer.

I have a Kenmore Calypso, the water saver machine.