Sunday, February 04, 2007

Doing it the Lord's way

The Colts came out big tonight, winning the 41st Super Bowl 29-17. Tony Dungy, coach for the Colts, in his speech after the presentation of the trophy, said he was so proud of his team, having come this far, and winning the Super Bowl, 'doing it the Lord's way'.

It is refreshing to see two coaches like Lovie Smith and Tony Dungy meet in a game such as this, knowing that both those guys are held in high esteem. They both have given God the glory for winning games. And, tonight, it was no different with Dungy. The owner of the team, Jim Irsay, first gave God all the glory, because "that's what got us here, sticking together and believing that we could. And, I know God has looked out for us on this journey and bonded us to such a tight family."

Dungy said that he had told his players that God doesn't always bring you directly through. Sometimes you have to work for it.

The Indianapolis Colts are now the World Champions.

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