Sunday, April 22, 2007

Employee dismissed for hanging picture of Crucifixion

Pictures were allowed to be hung on the walls of the cubicles of each employee of Barclays, a global financial service provider. But, when Chris Romansky chose to add a picture of the Crucifixion of Jesus just before Easter, he found it was inappropriate. Although he had a cross hanging on his wall, it had never been complained about. But, the company said that the picture was offensive to some, and they complained, so they laid the picture face down on his desk. Chris found it when he came into work and rehung it. But, he was asked to remove it. When he questioned about it, he was dismissed for 'insubordination'.

The manager called him into her office. "She told me people were offended, and she told me anything with Jesus and God can't be up," Romansky told WND.

The manager told him to leave the building. "She took copies of the pictures," he said.

Several conversations with managers and the human resources department followed, Romansky said.

"She [the manager] then called me and told me they're going to have to let me go," he said. He said he'd never even been "corrected" before by the company, and she responded that he was being dismissed for insubordination.

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Anonymous said...

I read Barclays Euro site. They include every "diverse" group except for religion. I hope this young man puts a hurting on Barclays, both their image and finances. This is America, our faith in Jesus is specifically protected both by the Constitution and the Civil Rights Act. Hooray for Romansky!