Wednesday, April 18, 2007

13 Things I wish would change

13 Things I wish would change

  1. People’s thinking on a few things – gun control, for instance, and that it’s the GUNS that cause the problems. No amount of gun control is going keep a criminal of using a gun, if they are going to commit a crime. Criminals will get guns when those of us who are law-abiding citizens could not.
  2. Political Correctness – which is soon going to make it a crime to say anything derogatory against anyone or anything. Free speech is almost gone from our society.
  3. The teaching of diversity sex education in any school!
  4. The slower speed limit across town because of the many wrecks caused by big rigs carrying rolls of metal. Speed isn’t causing them to lose their load; the placement of the load on the flatbed is the problem. Make it mandatory to have the correct flatbeds to keep the rolls on the rig.
  5. The ability of insurance companies to rip their clients off!
  6. Age-discrimination against the older generation at work.
  7. People in prison who have been found to be innocent to be able to get retribution when they come out. Most of them have lives that were ruined because of imprisonment.
  8. For people to quit downing the war, even if they feel they have a legitimate reason. It doesn’t help the morale of those soldiers in Iraq or those going there in the future; After all, these men and women have gone in to fight for our country and don’t need to hear the negativism from back home.
  9. The price of gas to come down and stay down!
  10. Our federal taxes go to a flat tax which would be fair to everyone.
  11. Every child to want to read and love it! Reading has always been an interest to me and I encouraged my children to read as much as they could. A child does not know what he/she is missing, if they have no interest in reading.
  12. Government to get out of our lives!
  13. Everyone to come to know the love of God.
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BecK said...

Good list...I wish for most of these too!

Thanks for stopping by my TT

Joan said...

Me too! Especially the insurance company thing. Unfortunately they now control medical practice and procedures. They make the decisions. Ridiculous!

My TT is also posted.

she said...

I adore reading. I never could understand why others don't get the same joy out of it as I do. Especially others in the same household. I grew up in a house where my mom and dad were voracious readers, which probably explains my own interest - but my sister - getting her to read a book is like pulling teeth!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you wholeheartedly on #1. I've always liked the saying "If guns are outlawed, then only outlaws will have guns."

And yes, I feel for the young men and women who are fighting in Iraq.

Agree, too, on encouraging love of reading in children. I can't imagine what my childhood would have been like without books.

Happy TT!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Okay, so... let's start a revolution. It only takes one person, you know. And then another. And another...

I'm with you, so there's the first two!

Happy TT!

JennyMcB said...

I don't think that guns cause problems, but I do believe that it is to easy to get guns.

We need educated citizens to reduce the amount of government in our lives. But then I think there will always be those who like living on the dole. Good, thoughtful post.

This Eclectic Life said...

Yep, that's a good start. I imagine we could keep on listing for awhile, though...couldn't we?

Maxine said...

I agree with most of these, especially number 9. I do struggle with number 1, though. Something has got to be done, somehow, someway. I think we as a nation have to pray to God for wisdom on this desperate issue. It is a fearful thing as it is now. Blessings.

L^2 said...

This is a great list. I agree with you on so many of these things.
Happy TT and thanks for visiting mine. :-)

KarenW said...

Great list, especially #13!
-#8 My son has been studying WWII. The media was so different then. Everyone was so pro war, support our troops. And guess what? We won!

Heather Rae Scott said...

This is a great list, unfortunately we live in a society that bucks against change. I agree with you about the war. Not too many people agree with it anymore and all of us want our troops safe and sound. But they know people over here are anti-war and they're just doing their jobs.

Happy TT and thank you so much for dropping by my blog

Gattina said...

Very interesting list ! And I fully agree with you if there were a law for guns, those horrible massacres couldn't happen so easily ! Nobody in Europe can understand that you can buy a gun almost like a mobile. In Belgium only hunters can buy a rifle but it's not easy. They almost have to prove until the first generation that there are no criminals in the family ! Otherwise only policemen are allowed to carry a gun. Jeweleries sometimes get permission too, but again it's very, very difficult. This mad could have killed one person with a knife over here, but not 32 with a gun !

YellowRose said...

Great list! #8 is one I agree with 100%!!!

Happy TT!

Damozel said...

(Please delete the previous comment; I sent it before it was done. I'm so sorry. For some reason, I'm having a problem with blogger comments today).

Thanks for sharing your point of view. I don't agree with you on most of these issues, but you put your points very well and it's good for me to expose myself to the views of people who think differently from me and the people I know. It's so easy to forget that their are other points of view.

jay said...

What's mind boggling is that this kid in Va. was ruled mentally defective and the system was deficient enough to allow him to buy his guns legally. And in some ways this story
is even more disturbing in that an angry idiot could, within one hour, leave a hospital, buy a gun, and return to the hospital with evil intent. There is middle ground on the purchase of guns and we need to find it soon!

Tink said...

I'm with you on most of them. The world would look a lot better if this list would become truth...
Thanks for visiting my collections TT!

Di said...

And from the state of Florida...PROPERTY TAX REFORM!!! I think it is unconscionable that I pay more in taxes on my house than I made as a salary when I graduated from college.

People here are held hostage in their homes by the absurd property tax laws. Young families can't afford to move up into bigger homes and older people can't afford to downsize. It's crazy!!!

Tilly Greene said...

It has always saddened me to hear someone say they don't read. What? Are they kidding me? This is not good, think of how much we learn from reading, as well as the ability to be good in our own company as well as converse with others about what we've read. Grrr! Next time someone tells me they don't read I may have to tell them how wrong they are!

Donna said...

I like your 13.

Lulu said...

Seems like #13 would help out with all of these problems, huh?

I totally agree with #10--flat tax would be the best thing ever.

#4 (big rigs) was on my TT 13 Greatest Fears list from 2 weeks ago.

#8 - my grandfather who fought in WWII said that if today's feelings towards the military and the war were as prevelant then, we never would have won the war.

Thanks for visiting me and sharing your experience with high school graduation expenses!

Jane said...

AMEN! I wish for these things too!
Thanks for stopping by my T13.

Anonymous said...

I especially feel for children reading... I am shocked by how bad many children read now. The emphasis is more on technology than it is on picking up a book... Oh, and gas prices really should come down too! Almost $4 a gallon is not working for me!

Moobear said...

Hi Barbara,
A very thoughtful and true thirteen! Through the many comments
at Gattina's blog, a friend I met very shortly after I started blogging, I found your site. I will be back! You have a down to earth and inspiring blog. I commend you.I so much enjoy blogs that gives God the Glory. I am glad to have run across your blog. May you have a blessed day and may we all remember the families of VT victims and so many more in these days of tragedies worldwide.

God Bless!

Mama Duck said...

Heh, great list, especially #1, imagine that. Thanks for the visit!

Lisa - Lil Duck Duck

Dragonheart said...

A lot of those would be good things to change. However, countries with gun control do have fewer gun-related crimes than the U.S. Gun control won't solve the problem of gun-related crimes (criminals can get guns illegally even when there is gun control) but it makes it more difficult for "crimes of passion" with guns to be committed.

Also, the price of gas in the U.S. is extremely low. Go to Canada and you'll see gas is more expensive, or visit Europe, where gas is much, much more expensive.

Coco said...

I couldn't agree more with these. And I agree with Susan. It starts with one person to start a revolution! Thanks for starting it :)

Lori said...

Great list:)

samulli said...

Well, now this is certainly the most interesting TT list I have read today. I'm not sure if I understand you correctly on all points, though.
#1 Are you honestly saying you want even less gun control than the non-existant amount you have already in the States? It boggles my mind how anybody could say that right after what happened in Virginia. Suddenly I feel glad to live in Germany again.
#3 Does that mean you want a better sex education in school or none at all? I'm not quite sure if I catch your drift there.
#4 I always thought the lower speed limit in towns is there mainly for the reason to give pedestrians (you know, kids and old people and the like) time to get over the road without being run over by some racing maniac. But maybe that's another thing that's different in America (I'm not being sarcastic here, I'm just not sure if we're talking about the same thing).
#8 Ok, this is a very american issue and I think, as a german I am not able to comment on that. But it certainly makes me thoughtful.
#9 Here we pay about 1.80 $ per litre - that's about 7.20 $ per gallon. How much was it you pay?
#13 In the light of all the atrocities being done in the name of one god or the other this wish sounds very very scary to me, but that's probably just me.

I agree on some of your other points, like the tax thing and the age-discrimination. And as an avid booklover myself, of course I agree about the reading. But I think, this is something that is the responsibility of the parents. Every child can learn to love reading when it is set a good example.

Barbara H. said...

Wow, these are all really great! I agree!

Janet said...

Seems like #s 2 & 8 are in direct contrast!

Amy said...

Good, thoughtful, list. I'm not sure I agree with all of them, but definitely #13! There is no greater power for change.

Happy T13, and thanks for visiting!

Barbara said...

I would like to add one more thing to my list: If you want an answer, please provide an email address. Some don't have an email address OR a Thursday Thirteen OR even a blog.

Barbara said...


#1 - I am saying GUNS don't do the killing, period - it's the criminal with the gun. Not all gun holders are criminals or would EVER kill anyone, other than to protect themselves. Guns are going to be able to get, whether there are gun laws or not. There are other laws that need to be in place before more gun laws. In fact, had this guy's mental health information been in the computer, he would never have gotten a gun in the first place.
#3 - Health taught in school is one thing - SEX education is another, considering now it includes diversity - giving the kids the information on homosexuality - to kids in elementary school.
#4 - The speed limit I'm talking about is not down in the town- but up on an Interstate (8 and 10 lanes at points) going through town over bridges. The thought was that the lower speed limit right through town would stop the wrecks (they spill their rolls of metal on the bridges and do lots of damage), but, right after it was lowered, there was still another spill. There are no pedestrians on the Interstates and no red lights.
#8 - Our gas is around $3 a gallon, in some places more. But, the thing is this - most people travel long distance to work around here, and it's very hard on families who don't have much, and especially hard on single Moms. Ours going up and down seems to coincide with holidays, vacations, and spring break.
#13 - I'm only talking about the ONE, TRUE, and living God - not any god. I know some reading this do not believe in the true God of the Bible, but I do.

Barbara said...


#2 and #8 aren't the same. I would like free speech, but there are sometimes we need to learn to keep our mouths shut. AND, that's what I meant by #8. There are lots of our young men and women in Iraq and other places across the world that are defending our right of freedom. And,when we say derogatory remarks about the War, it is a reflection on the men and women there. AND, they hear about everything that is said.

During the Vietnam War, it happened, but even worse (my husband was there),and the soldiers came home to hostility.

Cindy said...

I'm with you, Barbara...great list! Visit my TT when you can.

samulli said...

Thanks for replying to my comment, Barbara. Your reply cleared up some things I had misunderstood in your original post. I still don't agree in some points, but I see your side as well as mine and I think we can just agree to disagree. ;o)
I still think this was the most interesting TT list I've read in the past few weeks, because it gets people to think about things and maybe discuss some things that should be discussed. Thanks for that. and good night.

Mitch said...


I love you!!! You are one of the coolest Sisters in Chirst I know. Amen and I agree with everthing on your list. THE BEST LIST I EVER READ!

Your Brother in the Word Mitch

Angelo said...

Interesting list! It doesn't look like gas prices are going down, especially now that summer vacations are coming up. Happy T13 and thanks for dropping by!

Barbara said...

Jay, I just read the story from your link. I agree. Why would a guy in his right mind want to shoot up the hospital simply because he had a run in with the nurses? He has to be crazy or, at least, high tempered.

We used to say these things happened when there was a full moon - only thing, there is only about 1/8th of a moon this week. :)

mar said...

Good thinking. I agree with your list except for maybe nr. 1, I think if it's too easy to get a gun, potential criminals become criminals way too quickly. And modern guns can reach too many innocent ones at once...
Read, read, yes: I liked this one!!