Thursday, April 05, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #28

Things of which I'd love to have 13!

  1. 13 pairs of all the colors of hose I wear. I’m forever running my finger through a pair at the last moment. Also, I usually tear a pair up when I wear a particular pair of high heels!
  2. 13 pair of black slacks in the kind I wear all the time. I’m tall, and apparently, the manufacturers choose not to make tall slacks in too many choices of color like they once did. AND, I do love black. I tell everyone I wear black, THEN, I change to BLACK – joke!
  3. 13 good books to read – I’m almost there. I review books, but I’ve also bought several myself, and 4 on the way,
  4. 13 ways to say nicely that I don’t like certain music that is played at church.
  5. 13 soft pairs of walking shoes. I go between 2 pair, brown and black. I need a dressier pair for slacks and suits.
  6. 13 Purses to go with each pair in the right color – easily changeable to the next one! I usually take around one purse, regardless of what I am wearing. I hate to change things over.
  7. CLOSETS! You never have enough, regardless of how many you put in a new home! IF I could build mine over, I would have one BIG room just for clothes!! I get tired of changing clothes from one closet to another during different seasons.
  8. 13 tickets to a great live show – I’d take the 10 in our family and 3 close friends. Or, that might work out to be the two teenagers girlfriend/boyfriend and ONE of my close friends.
  9. Trips I could get my husband to go on, starting with a trip to the mountains, and then to The Biltmore house.
  10. 13 pots of spring/summer flowers to set out. My yard and patio looks so blank right now.
  11. 13 cards for my husband’s new camera, for when he loses another one! He has lost a 2G two times. He found it the first time. I found it last night – right where he put it and had already looked 2 times. I told him he’d never get rid of me, considering I could go behind him and find almost anything he misplaced. I got a hug!
  12. 13 tickets to a big lottery – I never buy them, but perhaps the 13th one would be my lucky charm!  We could use it for our grandkids.
  13. 13 more ideas for another Thursday Thirteen

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Michelle Wun said...

Hi, I am new in T13. Hope that I can continue as good as you!

Robin said...

I could use 13 weeks of vacation - and the money to enjoy them!

Have a great day. Thanks for visiting my blog.

TopChamp said...

Hope you get them all!

happy belated TT


Wow! Hope you get all of them.
Thanks for the visit and Happy Easter.

Irish Church Lady :) said...

Interesting 13! Of course I have more to say than that ... lol

I hate to change purses back and forth too, but after a while you do get tired of the same purse.

I also hate changing my clothes in my closet from one season to the next. The only solution there is to have a bigger closet or less clothes I guess!!

I'm glad your hubby didn't lose his camera cards for real! Yikes! And I'm glad you got the hug! he he

Happy Easter Barbara and thanks for visiting my Easter 13 and sharing about your EASTER baskets!

Anonymous said...

What a great Thursday Thirteen -- and oh, how much I'd like thirteen closets! :-) Hubby and I have so much junk... (is there a yard sale in our future, LOL?).

Happy Easter, and thanks for visiting my blog!

Anonymous said...

Your husband sounds like mine. He's always misplacing his memory cards. We just bought another one not too long ago for the very same reason.

David said...

"13 ways to say nicely that I don’t like certain music that is played at church."

A tough one. Try a teleological argument: where does this music (BOTH the tune/harmonies, etc. AND the text) actually point? Of course, making such an argument assumes some serious musical knowledge (and theological knowledge) on the part of the person making the argument and on the part of the person engaged by the argument.

Unfortunately, most pastprs know little to nothing about music and most music ministers know just about as much about theology, and neither are usually willing to admit their lack of knowledge in darned near any area. *heh*

Most music choices--wrongly made--in churches nowadays are made from the _almost_ demonic confluence of those twin ignorances and some sort of percieved pragmatism. And sometimes I'm not all that persuaded that it's "almost". Thinking of "what works" to "reach" unchurched and then seeking to make the church over into just another secular entertainment venue with a lil preachifying thrown in is the frequent end result of such misguided efforts.

Making church "relevant" to the world is the trap that most frequently results in very bad musical choices and all too frequently many other poor choices in church worship, evangelism, etc.

(Actually, I fell into a trap in that previous sentence that I often berate contemporary "worship leaders" for falling into. But that's a whole post in and of itself, and I'm not sure I have a blog that belongs on... *sigh*)

Rather than turn this into a post-in-comments, expect an e- from me with something that you might appreciate along these lines...

amy said...

those are good things..I noticed a Dee Henderson book to your side..My hubby and I loved the whole series

Barbara said...

Thanks to each of you for your comments.
David, waiting for your email.
Amy, yes, I reviewed one of her books, and now I'm reading one I bought called True Courage. Have you read that one? She is a great author,

Joy Renee said...

i can always use 13 more books. Especially now that our libraries have closed their doors until funding can be found.

thanx for visiting. and thanks too for mentioning that my list of 13 things I've neglected since learning of the impending library closure four months ago sounded like depression. I have a history of bouts with serious depression so catcing the signs early and applying the mental, emotional and spiritual exercises to nip it in the bud is a must.

The neglect tho did not stem, as you asked, from not knowing what to do with my time. It was having too much to do and not being able to set proper priorities. I had over thirty research projects dependent on access to the library and I was trying to cram it all into sixteen weeks. Many of my posts over that time have chronicled this. Meanwhile tho i lost perspective and got my life out of balance. Which is not a good thing when living with a mood disorder.

Janet said...

That was a great list of 13 things! You know...I can't remember the last time I wore panty hose LOL! I think it was when I was a bridesmaid at a friend's wedding ... and that was quite some time ago, years, in fact!