Thursday, April 05, 2007

Using Church for political gain

I've been under the impression that there is, according to some politicians, a separation of state and church. Therefore, you don't mention religion within any form of government function, or use religion to get ahead.

But, some politicians lose sight of the 'separation of church and state' stance they say is in the Constitution (which it is not). The following quote, taken from the First Amendment, is mis-interpreted.

  • "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof."
If it is 'convenient' for their purposes, politicians fall back on God to give them support. Cases in point:
  1. Gov. Rod Blagojevich of Illinois: "Budget puts me on the side of the Lord.
    This is Armaggedon, and we are on the side of the Lord.", Blagojevich replied.
  2. Barack Obama - Speaks at Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church in Sioux City, Iowa
    Obama challenged the congregation to get involved in the race for the White House, regardless of which candidate they support. "I want you to be involved in this election...there is too much at stake", he said. "This is your country and we shouldn't settle for less. We shouldn't settle for a situation in which it only works for a lucky few."

  3. Hillary Clinton - Speaks at Wesley African Methodist Episcopal Church in Houston, Texas.
Speaking at a breakfast meeting before going to the church she had the following to say:
Criticizing the Bush administration on a range of issues, the New York senator said she would create a universal pre-kindergarten program, provide health care for all Americans and generate jobs.
I have only had time this morning to run these three candidates down. I am sure there are more than these going to Church to speak to advance their candidacy. I would think, if they really did view separation and state the way they do for everyone, then, they themselves would think twice before getting up before a congregation to speak about anything. But, then, I'm only another voice in blogosphere who thinks you should live by what you preach.

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1 Comment:

Lisa said...

I agree with you on the separation of church and state and would say that those on the right tend (tend being the operative word) to confuse this more than those on the left. But both parties do it, I agree.

If one lives their lives according to the principles of their faith (whatever it may be - Hebrew, Muslim, Buddhist, Christian), then your life will exemplify that and you won't need to be playing the religion card to gather support.

I cannot fathom being a politician. It's going to take a strong person who is well grounded to move this country forward in the direction that is for the highest good of ALL.