Sunday, June 24, 2007

Hand-written Bible a labor of love

Vernon Henson, now 71, had never read the Bible through when he joined the Army. He had been taught to not engage in dances and movies, so he kept himself busy studying the Bible. He began to use a fountain pen to script the NT on lined notebook paper, along with the Psalms and Proverbs. As he studied, he wrote and memorized passages. It took him 11 years to accomplish that. He had the NT bound for $4.50.

Thirty years later, at midnight, he finished the OT and had it bound in 5 volumes. It was truly a 40 year 'labor of love' for Henson.

He was working in a Funeral home, and singing with a quartet and making pies to stay busy. His close friend, Della Nelson, and her husband,said she never knew about the handwritten King James version until he brought the volumes to church. She and her husband had befriended him as a teenager and had been friends ever since.

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