Saturday, June 16, 2007

Ruth Graham - Reaching Heaven

With the passing of Ruth Bell Graham this week, I asked permission to use the following poem as a tribute to her reaching that final reward.

When I Get Home to Heaven

When I get home to Heaven,
there'll be so much to see,
I'll stand and gaze for ages
at wonders all 'round me.

But this one thing I long to do
as soon as e'er I can:
I want to look on Jesus--
His head, His feet,His hands.

I want to see the nailprints
my Savior bore for me;
His precious flesh, so torn and scarred-
Those scars that set me free.

I would not ask to touch them,
or even to presume
That I, one so unworthy,
should brush those holy wounds.

I wish that I, like Mary,
might fall before Him there.
And wash His feet with teardrops,
And dry them with my hair.

Not having costly perfume
to lavish on Him, then
I'd simply pour out all my love,
and kneel and worship Him.

I'd look into His tender eyes,
His gentle smile to see.
I'd whisper how I love Him
for all He's done for me.

And then throughout Forever,
I"ll sing about His Love,
And tell the wondrous story
in Heavenly courts above.

Copyright Ruth Martin October 2001

Can you imagine the look on her eyes as Ruth gazed upon the beauty awaiting her as she reached those golden shores! When she entered the heavenly portals, the greatest gift all was her ability to look upon the face of Jesus, the one she had so willingly served most of her life. She no longer had to read about Him; she was with him for eternity!

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Barbara said...

While we don't agree, thanks for sharing your personal thoughts.