Monday, June 04, 2007

Soldier urges media to shift news to successes in Iraq

Blackhawk helicopter pilot, Chief Warrant Officer Jim Funk, from Iowa, recently sent family and friends back here in the United States a letter. He discussed how things were going in Iraq. And, he feels tired and disgusted.

When they watch the news there, they never see the successes that they are having there in Iraq. It is always what has gone wrong, how many soldiers have been killed, etc, but never about what has gone right. In other words, they keep up their own morale. It's not because they are encouraged by the news they hear from home. He says how can the public and media be supporting the troops, if they are not supporting the missions they are on.

Here is part of the letter that found it's way to the journalist who reported this:

"Hello media, do you know you indirectly kill American soldiers every day? You inspire and report the enemy's objective every day. You are the enemy's greatest weapon. The enemy cannot beat us on the battlefield so all he does is try to wreak enough havoc and have you report it every day. With you and the enemy using each other, you continually break the will of the American public and American government.

"We go out daily and bust and kill the enemy, uncover and destroy huge weapons caches and continue to establish infrastructure. So daily we put a whoopin on the enemy, but all the enemy has to do is turn on the TV and get re-inspired. He gets to see his daily roadside bomb, truck bomb, suicide bomber or mortar attack. He doesn't see any accomplishments of the U.S. military (FOX, you're not exempt, you suck also).
Funk says:
"We, the soldiers, keep breaking the back of the enemy. You, the media, keep rejuvenating the enemy.
I don't blame this soldier and many like him who are disgusted with the news shown on the television every single day. I have always felt this is a one-sided love affair, so to speak. The media loves to give the public the news, but only one side - their side. Why not try and build up the morale of those soldiers who are fighting this war, who are giving their lives for our country? Why show all the destruction caused by the insurgents? Instead, show the good our military has done and is doing every day there? Why not show the pictures on the news of the soldiers befriending the Iraqi's, and the Iraqi's who are happy to have our military over there? Stop enabling the enemy!

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