Sunday, December 21, 2008

Can Morality be legislated?

No matter how much we would love to see good morals exhibited by everyone on the planet, it will never happen. God gave us free will to do whatever we wanted to do, and many take it to the extreme.

Pornography has a big hold on many of our citizens. But, making it a crime has not made a dent in the number of people who still seek out pornography. Being a Christian does not ensure that a person is free of the addiction to porn. But we Christians need to love those that are addicted, pray for them, and trust God to heal them of the addiction.

Morality can be legislated, but the hearts of men cannot be. Adultery would continue to be practiced regardless of how many laws our government passed. It’s just in man’s secular nature to do things he feels are right for him, regardless of how much it hurts others, or even how wrong it might be by law. A real alcoholic will find some way to drink even if it is unlawful. Many counties in our state are ‘dry counties’, meaning liquor is not sold in any form in those counties. Probably as many people are drinking in those counties as in those counties that are ‘wet’. They just buy it in a wet county and take it over the county line.

The heart of man can only be changed by an inward change through the blood of Jesus. In other words, unless a man’s heart is changed, immorality will continue to reign in his/her heart.

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