Thursday, December 11, 2008

Motivation for shopping

I know women love to shop! Some of us love to 'shop 'til we drop', something I did quite frequently when I was younger. As I've grown 'more mature', I have decided I can do without a day of shopping. I go and look for the things I have gone for and then go home. If I don't find them in a reasonable amount of time, then I go home. I'm not able to keep shopping until the stores close like I once could.

What motivates you to go shopping? Is it the constant crying of your children wanting something new like a computer game or Playstation game? Is it your husband wanting some new clothes? Or, do you just want to go out and do something besides house cleaning or working on the job?

Once, I would go shopping on the drop of a pin. If there was something that we needed, I'd gladly go shopping, even with the kids. Now, though, it's the hardest thing for me to get up, get ready, and just take off shopping. I often put it off until it's almost too late in the day to even be going out. Maybe that's my way of not shopping and spending too much. I have been known, though, to shop all day and to not bring home a thing. Maybe that's the kind of shopping our husbands like so we don't spend more than our budget will allow.

I haven't been motivated to even want to go Christmas shopping yet. I do have Saturday planned for a day of Christmas shopping with my daughter. We did this last year the day before Thanksgiving, but it wasn't possible this year with her and her daughter both working that day. So we are doing it Saturday but I don't know if any of her kids will be with her,though. I do know we'll be making a mad dash through Penneys, considering my husband just told me today they are having to sales on Saturday and the first one starts at 6 AM. I wasn't prepared for that. But we only have two Saturdays before Christmas and I want to get my shopping done. And I also need my daughter to help me shop for her kids.

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