Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Two Buckets

I read a very interesting comment today online. It talked about the two buckets in life. One if the bucket of blessings and the other is all the things we deem as being unfair to us.

We complain about all sorts of things: the weather, sickness, life in general, our kids, our spouse, our jobs – you get the picture! We seldom gear our minds to focus on all the blessings that God has given to us.

I am sure, if we were to sit down and count our blessings, they far out number those things in the other bucket of life. To be living is a blessing. So many are dying on the streets or in the war as I type.

We complain about our jobs. At least, those of us working have a job! There are countless thousands who do not have a job and nothing in sight for them. Many are being laid off of their jobs now and it could be a long time before they ever get another job with the economy the way it is.

We live in a fairly free country where life is good, although many times we complain about it. We are able to eat, even if we are homeless, if we find a shelter geared to the homeless. Many shelters provide sleeping and eating arrangements for these people.

We have freedom of religion and I have a great church that I enjoy. I love the members and the pastor and his wife. Lots of third world countries don’t allow you to worship as you please. For this, we in the US should be very thankful!

We may not be numbered among the very rich, but we are rich, nevertheless! We have our health, a house to live in that is paid for, a car to drive, children and grandchildren who are healthy and who have never been in trouble.

I am more than rich in that I know Christ as my personal Savior. That is the more important blessing any of us can have in our bucket of blessings! I pray that blessing is indeed in your bucket for the coming new year

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