Friday, December 05, 2008

Support the troops - Send a card

Xerox is running a program called "Let's say thanks" in support of all our troops overseas. You can visit the Xerox website and choose a card that will be printed. You include your name, city, and state and pick a message to be printed in the card. The designs of the cards have all been drawn by school children. They are sent to troops all over the world who are fighting for our freedom in the United States. And, they are mailed by Xerox free!

Your card will make some soldier happy to know that we in the US are very supportive all they do in support of our country.


Maxine said...

This is interesting. Thanks. I'll tell my younger daughter about it as she alread sends cards to soldiers.

HEROIC said...

I am dedicating this post to all of our soldiers in Iraq and other states fighting for our country! Young men get drafted into the army and most are not really aware of the corruptness of the government with every political issue or economic issue.
These young men in the army are literally fighting for their lives since it is their 'nations duty'
Lets all take a moment and really admire our talented individuals fighting for our lives too..
Xerox Solid Ink for Phaser