Sunday, December 28, 2008

Ending the year 2008

There are only three days left in 2008. I know many of us feel like the days, weeks, and months have just flown by. I remember, when I was younger, it seemed Christmas would never get here. Time just hung in space. Now, since I'm older, it seems time passes by entirely too quickly. It seems the summer has just ended and yet, the New Year is about to begin.

Our only granddaughter finished High School in May. She started to work in June and will start college next month. Our son and his wife had their second child, another son, who was born in July. He had to have surgery in November and did great. His brother turned 10 in November, too. Both of our daughter's younger sons play soccer. The youngest played for the Premier traveling team in the fall, then he started playing basketball. The older one is playing inside soccer this Winter. He is also on the Varsity Soccer team at school. They will be playing in the Spring. They have both been here since Christmas, but the younger one had to go home today to be at basketball practice the next two days.

And, today, I had a first! We have had a 3 Wheeler since our daughter was 12. She turned 38 today. Well, the little boys Daddy bought them a 4 Wheeler last summer and it is here in our basement. The chain keeps coming off. The older son was up on the hills riding this afternoon and the chain came off. Now, I've never ridden on the 4 Wheeler and didn't want to, although I love the 3 Wheeler. It is bigger and easier to handle for me. But, there was nobody here to help him get it back to the basement. So, he asked me to come help him. He got the 3 Wheeler and chained it to the front of the 4 Wheeler and off we went. It was scary, not having control of the vehicle you are on! It wouldn't stop quick enough and I was either running beside him, trying to not hit him, or hitting him. And I broke the cover over the back light on the 3 Wheeler by hitting him when I couldn't stop. But, thank goodness we made it down across all those hills, bumps, and between the trees without having a wreck. I know he thinks his Nanny is a poor driver. He kept saying, 'don't get scared', but he's not my age, and he doesn't have a 'bionic' hip! I broke my hip 7 years ago and have a complete hip replacement and I had thought I didn't really want to try that. But I'm glad it's back in the basement and they won't have to go after it when my husband gets home tonight.

I hope everyone has had a wonderful and prosperous year in 2008. And may the Lord bless you with a wonderful life during 2009. Keep Him in your plans and He will surely do that.

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