Saturday, December 27, 2008

Two Days after Christmas

It is now Saturday and we are still eating left overs. I have to admit I am upset because the potato salad didn't last long enough. But the story of that is the fact my son always has to have some to take home. He took more home this year than usual, although his wife doesn't eat it. Then, he came by and ate lunch with us today!

Two of my daughter's sons stayed over with us Christmas night. They are still here but may be going home in the morning. They have been busy playing basketball and riding the three wheeler and four wheeler. There are mountains of red mud that the contractors for the bingo hall had built behind our house and these boys have had a ball riding up and down those mountains and through the red mud! I have been busy washing blue jeans and jackets, trying to get them clean for them to ride again! Thank goodness it's in the 70's here today or they'd be ruining another hoodie! I had a time getting red mud out of one of their grey jackets. The youngest son got a new Alabama hoodie and he had worn it out there and it was splattered with mud. I just knew it wouldn't come out, but, thank goodness it did!

I have been lazy the past two days, only doing what I had to do. I've cooked a little (waffles, scrambled eggs, sausage for supper last night and waffles this morning for the boys), but the rest of the time, it's been leftovers or hot dogs. Tonight, it will be left overs again. I even have some left over chili that I could serve up.

I really need to wash my hair since my beautician didn't work yesterday, but I've been too lazy to do it today. I hate to have to fix it myself anymore. If my beautician ever quits, I don't know what I will do. My grandson also love for her to cut his hair, but she's not in the shop this weekend, so he's missed the chance to get it cut. He has to be home before 3PM Monday for basketball practice, and she doesn't work again until Tuesday. So that's out for him.

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