Friday, March 09, 2007

Attitude, Reaction, Offense

I am responsible for my own well-being, for my attitude, and the response I give to others, who, in my opinion, might want to hurt or slander me. In other words, I determine the attitude I will take toward anything that is thrown my way.

We’ve heard so much about Ann Coulter and the f-word she used. If you know anything about Ann Coulter, you know she says things for reaction, and this time she got it. But, there are those that are coming out against her freedom of speech, albeit shouldn’t have been said. But, that doesn’t mean she didn’t have the right to say it.

Responsibility is becoming a lost word in our society. Doesn’t matter what one does, there always seems to be a reason he/she to take away their individual responsibility. A teenage shooter kills his classmates, and he/she is automatically either ‘insane’ or they suffered under their parents’ guidance and upbringing. A drunk driver has a wreck and hurts someone seriously, and he wants to claim he didn’t do it on purpose. Yet, his alcohol level is way beyond legal limits. Someone intentionally says things to hurt someone’s feelings and everyone who hears it know the person actually meant what he/she said. But, they adamantly disagree – “it was a joke”, or “all in fun”.

I like a scripture in the Bible that reads: Psalms 119:165, "Great peace have they which love thy law: and nothing shall offend them."

Each of us have the ability to either be offended or not be offended; it is our choice. But, it is not right for the media and others, including conservatives, to come down hard on the head of Ann Coulter, if they are not willing to also come down on the heads of the liberals that do the same sort of thing, and perhaps worse. Cassy Fiano has an article entitled “But words will never hurt me” that everyone needs to read. When we do that, it’s like parents who will discipline the child that strays for the first time, yet they overlook the problem child that they have not had any success in turning from his/her wicked ways. Do we just sweep it under the rug when the liberals spout this same sort of thing, yet recommend that everyone disengage themselves from Ann Coulter? She uses shock language, at times, and it does get tiring at times, but I’ve heard much worse and it never gets reported or at least, not to the degree this incident did. If we treat her the way that is being recommended, why don't we round up the others who have done the same thing and treat them in the same manner?

As L. Brent Bozell, III, of the National Ledger says, it seems that the ‘media elite’ are ‘in the liberal publicity business’.

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Linds said...

Hi Barbara,,, thanks for visiting and for your comment!
I have no idea what the "Coulter issue" is, but i can gleam a bit from yoour post.
I can't agree with what you use as illustrations more.It is the old double standards issue isn't it. I see the excuses and blame culture every day at work. He made me do it. It isn't my fault. I keep saying that you always have a choice. YOU make the decisions.
I will be back to read more!

Barbara said...

You are right. Everyone has a choice. They don't have to follow after the wrong - just stand up for what is right. But, it makes one wonder if some people don't just love being in the wrong. And, the media has no trouble reporting and leaving out the important parts just so it will reflect bad on others. I hate that!