Thursday, March 15, 2007

Problems with Blogger

I've noticed lots of people, including myself, are having problems with Blogger. Mine started last night when I tired to pull it up to do a post.

Today, I have not been able to get my blog up until now. But, it is not working correctly. I can go through and get to the dashboard and also post. But, the View Blog button will not take me to my blog front page. So, I decided to try editing a post. I clicked on the View button within that particular post and it came up. That way, I was able to get to the front page.

I've also been reading numerous blogs are having problems with their pictures. My profile picture will not load, nor will my header graphic, which is actually on my ftp site, not blogger.

Update: 4:20PM - I find that Firefox is not pulling up my profile picture and header image, but Microsoft IE is. Never had this problem in Firefox before, so don't have a clue as to why it is happening now.

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A NEWT ONE said...

We had our blogger blog hosted on our own site until blogger had a programming problem. They seem to have a lot of trouble lately.

Barb said...

You know, I've not had a single problem with blogger since I switched over. I should probably knock on wood, huh? But yesterday I switched my browser back to IE from Firefox. I was having problems there. Still can't comment on Typepad accounts, even after contacting them. But so far, no problems with blogger.

It's all so frustrating, isn't it?

Barbara said...

I had never had a problem with Blogger or Firefox until the other day. My header and profile pic was showing up in Firefox with no problems. Then, after I finally got my blog up normal and tried it in Firefox, it no longer shows those two items. But, they show up on IE. My son also says he has no problem with them on Firefox on his machine. So,it might be something here now, but I have changed absolutely nothing on my machine or on Firefox. Very frustrating, to say the least.