Wednesday, March 21, 2007

ThursdayThirteen #26

Things I have done this past week

  1. Had problems with Firefox and my blog. Turns out, the problem was with the cache in Firefox. I spent days aggravated at the wrong thing!
  2. Took my son's advice to clear the cache and my problem solved itself. My site would not load the front page. Had to go through a back door to even get it. And, certain graphics were not loading. Now, it's fine! Thanks to my son.
  3. Took my Mother shopping for her birthday gift. I finally bought her a beautiful jacket at Parisian's.
  4. Took Mother out to eat at Fire Mountain. She really enjoys this, and especially getting out of the house, since she only drives to Church or to the Post Office.
  5. Did my Mother's hair on Friday for her to supposedly go out to eat on Saturday with my brother.
  6. Went to my Mother's 90th surprise birthday party at the local community center in her hometown. She was very surprised. Lots of people showed up.
  7. Saw many people I hadn't seen in years, including some kinfolks.
  8. Went to the wedding of a young girl I have known all her life at our church in the evening. Beautiful bride.
  9. Helped clean up the church after the activities were over.
  10. My husband took me out to eat Saturday night after the long day. Really enjoyed the barbecue dinner.
  11. Attended church on Sunday and went with my husband to Office Max to buy him a new hard drive for his computer.
  12. Downloaded the many pictures taken of my two oldest grandchildren before they went to the Jr/Sr Prom. My daughter had to send them from Kodak, and it took for ages for them to arrive at our mailbox.
  13. Picked up my daughter's youngest son on Tuesday morning. This is Spring break for his school, and he's staying until Friday afternoon. His brother just older than him just got back from Florida with friends today. His older brother and sister are both in Florida until Sunday. He has spent a week in Florida the past two summers, and they stayed home. So, he stayed home this week and came to Papa and Nanny's.
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Barb said...

Ninety year old. Wow. You're very good to your mother, Barbara. It sounds like her birthday was very special all around.

And I know you're loving having that grandson visit. How nice that he's spending most of his spring break with you.

Lovely Thursday Thirteen.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you have been very busy. I also agree with you about doing 8th grade World History. I am in the class with our special ed. kids and I know I can't pass all the test. My brain just doesn't work well these days.

Tink said...

You had a busy week! Belated congrats on your mother's birtday; 90, wow!
Thanks for visiting my cars TT.

Amy Ruttan said...

You've been busy. My husband's grandma just turned 90 last year, we just celebrated her 91st.

Happy TT, thanks for dropping by mine.

Miscellaneous-Mum said...

Very very busy!! Sounds like you're a great daughter/mom/grandmom. Thx for visiting me :)

the night owl said...

Hi Barbara, I can find such great sites to visit with blogging.Sounds like your mom had a good Birthday!!My mom is 86 and I am 65; I gave my mom a BD party at age 70 and 80.Looking forward to her 90th.come visit me.

Barbara said...

I'm the middle child of 3. And, I'm 64. Mother was almost 26 when I was born. That was my age when I had my first child. Hope I can still be as healthy as my Mom is at 90.

Thanks for visiting.

Di said...

Your week sounds both productive AND satisfying. Mine kind of felt like I should be wearing a black suit and driving a limousine...I'm at the chauffeur stage of motherhood.