Monday, March 19, 2007

Firefox, Blogger, and FTP

I'm having problems with my blog again in Firefox. There are more graphics that come from my FTP site that are not appearing on the blog posts.

And, this morning, for the second time, I was unable to get to my blog from Firefox. It gave me the same message that it gave the other day - there is no file for my front page. This I don't understand, considering they all come up perfectly in Internet Explorer. I had changed from IE to Firefox because of problems, but now have to revert to it. I've been told that others are able to see all of it in Firefox.

If you are having similar problems, or know what is causing this problem, please let me know. It's frustrating to have to sit and look at a blog that doesn't have a header or even my profile picture, let alone finding more graphics that come from my FTP site are not coming up.

UPDATE: My son just suggested clearing my cache in Firefox again. Well, I did, and it works perfectly now! Thank you, son!

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Bruce -- Harper Blue said...

I've had this happen to me, too, and have a little problem with links from my blog opening in a new tab --for me-- when I'm in Firefox. What has probably happened is that some site has accidentally corrupted your Firefox profile, making it do strange things....

I fixed it the last time, though, and it isn't terribly difficult. What you do is to create a new Firefox profile by using the Profile Manager. Click on Start/Run... and enter the following into the box:

firefox.exe -profilemanager

DO NOT delete your old profile until you have exported your bookmarks file from your old profile to My Documents. Then import them into the new profile, delete the old profile with Profile Manager any time, and you should have the problem solved.

Barb said...

I tried Firefox for a while but went back to Internet Explorer because it just seems to work better for me.

It's amazing how many things are "cured" by simply clearing out your cache. I'm glad your problem was solved easily.

Barbara said...

I had never had a problem with Firefox until last week. Never even thought about clearing the cache. Having been a PC user for a long time, it should have crossed my mind at least once. :)

I love Firefox - IE was always a problem with me. But, I liked the idea I could work on my HTML for my web site pages from IE. Well, my son informed me yesterday there is a small file you can install in Firefox and one click makes it act like IE, and you have the html editor again. No switching from Firefox to IE - it looks like Firefox, but works like IE, in that mode.I love it.