Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Lost in the 'forest'

If you are a regular around here, you’ll notice I’ve once again taken a hiatus on my blog. But, it wasn’t from wanting to, but I’ve just gotten mired down in muck – not the mud around here, but the mud coming through the news and some personal goings on. It is hard to think with your mind so cluttered with others’ thoughts.

Seems every time an election campaign starts, the mud starts flying. It took one word from Ann Coulter to get the liberals agitated. And the Republicans themselves have come unglued because of her choice of words in her speech.

Sister Tooljah has a post on liberal bloggers who have gotten away with using the very same explosive word as Ann Coulter. Wil’s Corner has googled the word and check out what he has found.

Is there a double standard for conservatives and liberals? I would think so, especially as long as we have a Republican named George Bush in the White House. Or, perhaps it is any Republican in any capacity in the government. Let a Democrat say anything negative and you never hear another Democrat come out against it. Let a Republican come out with the same thing, and you would think that they have just declared war on the universe, to hear the outcry from the lefties.

I am so tired of political correctness. I wish we could get back to honesty – not just for our kids but for all the adults who haven’t ‘grown up’ yet. Why isn’t there an outcry against all the wrongs in the world – not just a select few? We can look around and see wrongs that will never be righted. Why can’t those be worked on rather than trying to demoralize individuals? There are many on both sides that I have a problem with, but to go after the jugular is not my style. As the old saying goes, ‘it will all come out in the wash’. You need only watch their actions or lack thereof, and listen to their speeches, and you’ll soon decide who you should support in the upcoming elections. There are many Blogs out there that will keep you abreast of things these people have said or done in the past that does not coincide with what they are saying/doing now. You will soon learn who is being ‘politically correct’ for the time being, or being honest consistently. As with the colors of black and white, it’s just as easy to see through the muddy waters of a politician.

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Anonymous said...

Great post Barb! I always love reading your great thoughts.

Stacy L.Harp

Barbara said...

Thanks, Stacy. I just hate to have to go on 'hiatus' in order to produce a good post. But, it's happening more and more lately. :)