Saturday, September 01, 2007

Life throws us curves

As you have seen, I have been absent from this blog most of this week. Life does throw us curves that we wish it may not have. Ours was a personal one in my husband’s family.

On Monday morning of this week, my sister-in-law was at her exercise class. She became very sick and they called her husband and the paramedics. They thought she had a stroke. But, after getting to the hospital, she had an aneurysm to burst in her head. It has been touch and go with her all week. She was transferred from her hometown hospital to UAB in Birmingham, AL, where she is just holding on, according to the doctors. She had surgery to repair one aneurysm. But, it has been up and down with her situation. One day she is responding and her vital signs are stable to the next when she is not responding and not given much chance of living. It has been a roller coaster ride for the family. This happens to be where she is tonight. We had come home to rest up and then go back. But, there has been no change in her condition since we left there in the early afternoon.

We know that we all have to travel the road from birth to death. We hope we have a long stay in this world. And, we should be making preparations for the eternal future. But, sometimes we have no warning to what may happen. Whatever is in her future only God knows. The doctors may give us time lines, but only God knows our future. We want her to stay with us, but God also knows when it is her time to go. If He calls her home, that is His decision and we will have to realize that. God makes no mistakes. We may not see this, especially when someone is so close, but we can rest assured that His Word ‘is truth’ (John 17:17) and God never makes mistakes.

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Cathy said...

Yes, Barb, she is in God's hands. I like the way you expressed that. I am still praying for you all.