Saturday, December 09, 2006

1,000 Christmas trees shipped to soldiers in Iraq

Soldiers in Iraq may not be able to be home for this Christmas, but trees are being shipped to them in order for them to have a 'little of home' on Christmas day.

For the second year, DHL and the March Authority kicked off its Trees for the Troops program Friday at the shipping facility at March Air Reserve Base. A shipment of 250 Christmas trees was loaded onto a cargo plane bound for Baghdad -- along with 750 more trees that will be picked up in New York City. In three days, the trees will be distributed to troops stationed throughout Iraq.
Rosalie and Manuel Arganda have one son, David, in Iraq and another one to be deployed next month. But, they are used to being away from them at Christmas. So, this year, they are also sending boxes with coffee, pens, papers, and his favorite Tootsie roll pop candy. And, his cousins added cookies and DVD's.

David's mother said that, before he left, he told them not to worry, because if he didn't come back, he would see them in heaven. Rosalie wears a pin with both her sons pictures. She says she trusts God that all will be alright.

On Friday, a governor's representative, local elected officials, March Air Reserve officers and DHL executives thanked the troops serving in the Middle East and said this holiday shipment would help the military remember their home while serving in dangerous conditions

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Anonymous said...


I just love reading your blog. Normally I do it through Bloglines.

I didn't know about the trees for totally cool is that!



Barbara said...

Thanks, Stacy. I thought it was very neat about the trees. At least, it will feel a little more like Christmas for the troops.

Laura Linger said...

Adopt a soldier for this holiday season. Our troops live for packages from home, and many of our brave men and women have no one. Literally no one. Can you imagine being in the middle of a war with no one at home to worry about you, send you presents, give you words of encouragement?

It's true...many of these soldiers give up their own leave so that soldiers with families can go home for holidays, birthdays, and the like. My brother was able to attend his daughter's first birthday party because of the generosity of his gunner.