Friday, December 15, 2006

Persecution and Murdering of Christians

Persecution of Christians is nothing new. Jesus' Apostles underwent much persecution and death. John was put into boiling oil at Jersualem. He was not harmed, but was exiled to the Island of Patmose, and later died.Peter was speared to death. Paul was hung upside down, at his request. And, others died for the cause. Today, there is still persecution going on among Christians.

Many of the first Christians, who are called Apostles and Disciples were persecuted and brutally murdered. Lord Jesus' name sake they gladly suffered it until their death. For us Christians, we don't mind to suffer persecution and death on His behalf. If we suffer, we will not be ashamed; but glorify God. Suffering persecution is a gift. And we are sure that we will be having an eternal happiness with our Lord in heaven.

In India, Pastor Paul Ciniraj Mohamed said he was threatened on the telephone by a man who claimed to be a leader of an Islamic militant group. He said the man was screaming at him, telling him to count down the days until the death of him and his family.
Dr. Shameema Badru, one of the strong believer in Jesus from Islam seriously injured. Gunmen entered the home of Dr. Shameema and shot her at pointblank range. She got four bullets, which damaged vital organs like the kidney, liver and caused other major internal injuries. She is now fighting for her life in the hospital. Dr. Shameema is a mother of four, lost her husband Abdul Majeed Dar, who was the President of the dar Foundation was shot on November 28, 2003 at Srinagar by unidentified militants.
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