Thursday, December 07, 2006

Getting in the mood for Christmas

giftsI love the Christmas season! It is just a time of great jubilation, both in being with family and gift giving, but also in knowing it is the time we celebrate the birth of our Savior, Christ Jesus.

I love to drive through the streets, taking in all the scenery around Christmas time. So many go all out in decorating their homes. And, I love the Christmas shopping, in all the bustle of the crowds, and watching the children beg Mom and Dad for a certain toy. But, decorating gets me in the mood quicker than anything.

Today, I was at our church with the pastor’s wife and another woman, decorating for Christmas. We put up a beautiful tree in the foyer, and lots of bows and greenery up on the doors and throughout the church. But, the one thing that was most gorgeous was the manger arrangement my pastor’s wife put on the table in front of the podium in the sanctuary. We originally sat the manger up in the foyer, but this year, she decided to do it differently. When she finished, it looked as though it was supposed to be there. It gave a meaning to our decorating for Christmas. It was not just from a human desire that we decorate, but to make the house of God beautiful at this time of year. I believe we should do for God above and beyond what we do for ourselves.

When you finish decorating the house or church at Christmas, and turn on those lights, it just seems to get you more in the mood for Christmas. And, today we also listened to Christmas music put out by a local quartet. They are a Christian band, which made it much more meaningful – a group of young people in their mid-thirties or younger. And, the music tone just set the mood for us to decorate, even though we did grow tired after lots of standing!

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