Thursday, December 21, 2006

Men and Wedding rings (or not!)

Seems Betsy Hart, writing over at Political Mavens, is upset that all married men do not wear a ring. Seems she's been in social scenes where men have talked with her, and she noticed they weren't wearing a ring. And, she says that 90% of the time they are married.

Betsy said she was tired of hearing about men who lost their ring finger in the shop or got their finger caught in the fence while playing soccer. Well, I'm here to tell Betsy those things do happen. My deceased brother-in-law worked for a big company where he had to jump into railroad cars to check product. One night, when he jumped, he got his ring caught, and, had it not been for another man who came to his rescue, he would have lost his finger. So, his wife had him take his ring off.

My own husband wore his ring without fail, in fact, never taking it off but once in 41 years. We had been married 4 years, and he had it on, working under the hood of our car, and burned his finger through the ring. It stayed off until his finger healed. But, about a year ago, he jumped down into the bed of his big dump truck, and almost lost a finger because he caught his ring. I had him take it off, and it occupies a place on my key ring. He had it in his pocket, but I was afraid he would lose it.

I'm not one to look at a man who doesn't have on a ring and assume he is single. My Daddy never wore a ring. I think a man should act married, if he is indeed married. And, if he does mention his wife, who is missing at the time, and then proceeds to act unmarried, then he suffers the consequences of his actions! I see nothing wrong with a single woman talking to a married man, but the married man should never cross the line!

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