Thursday, December 14, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #18

Thirteen Blogs I read

  1. Life is a Buffet - Polly Boyette. She is the author of a great book "Life is a Buffet - So Save Room for Dessert"
  2. Neil's Notes - Pastor Neil from Florida
  3. Thinking Christian - Tom Gilson
  4. Sprucegoose - Bruce Harpel
  5. Cerulean Sanctum - Dan Edelen
  6. Active Christian Media - Stacy Harp - You can become a reviewer of books at ACM.
  7. Jolly Blogger - David Wayne
  9. LaShawn Barber's Corner
  10. Pursuing Holiness
  11. Is It Just Me?
  12. In The Outer
  13. A Chelsea Morning Barb has some great recipes among her blogging articles. You will enjoy this blog!
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Thursday Thirteen Participants
1. Mikala
2. Chupieandjsmama
3. Norma
4. rashenbo
5. Susan Helene Gottfried
6. Amy
7. erica
8. Mitch
9. delightfulduchess
10. Michelle at Scribbit
11. Debby
12. DKRaymer
13. Judy
14. nadnuts aka wideimagination
15. amy
16. kristarella

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Mikala said...

So many blogs to read, so little time! :0)

Happy TT and thanks for stopping by my blog.

Merry Christmas!

ChupieandJ'smama said...

The only one I've seen so far is A Chelsea Morning. Barb's blog is a regular read for me. She is so sweet and very talented. I'll have to check out all of the others. Thanks for visiting and have a blessed Thursday:)

Barbara said...

Yes, Barb has a great blog and it always looks SO nice! I'm sure her home looks the same. I love her site.

Anonymous said...

It's fun to have regular reads, isn't it.

My TT is up. I can't comment in beta, so I'll do anon.


Rashenbo said...

Those are new blogs to me! Thank you for sharing all the great links.


Happy TT!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

I've seen some of those before, but will have to check out the others. Happy Thursday Thirteen -- thanks for visiting West of Mars. I just e-mailed another TTer and said how cool it is to make these connections. Thanks for helping me make a few more.

erica said...

Nice list! I'll have to check them out one of these days when I can find some spare time.

Happy TT!

twiga92 said...

I read #5 (Cerulean Sanctum) and #13 (A Chelsea Morning) also. Blessings!

scribbit said...

Nice to see someone's blogroll--I try to read some new blogs each day.

Debby said...

I'll have to go read some of those.

DKRaymer said...

Thanks for the terrific list! I've visited a number of these, and read some regularly, but #4 and #10 are new to me. I'll have to go check them out. Thanks for stopping by today, and have a stress-free and festive weekend!

Judy Callarman said...

Hi, Barbara!

These are good--I've read a good many of them!

amy said...

i cant wait to research these when i get home. we are also dee henderson fans

kristarella said...

I don't think I'm familiar with any of them. I must try to remember to come back if I'm looking for new blogs to read :)

(Sorry I'm a bit late visiting.)