Monday, December 04, 2006

Pastor reaches out to the 'unchurched'

In today's world, you might think that most people have either grown up going to church, are going to church, or have been to church sometime in their lives. But, there are a number of people who have never gone to church, simply because they weren't taught as a small child. Then, there are others who just decided it was no longer necessary to go to church any longer, or perhaps were hurt in a church. So, there is truly a reason to want to go after those who simply do not attend a church for different reasons.

Marcus Johnson, a 30 year old single minister from Greensboro, NC, is one of those ministers who feels a need to go after those unchurched people. So, he has started a church called 'Hungry Church'. The name may sound a little different for a church, but it is right for those that have a hunger that hasn't been filled.

Johnson wants Hungry to be engaging and approachable, like the time he used the popular 1970s sitcom "Good Times" as the basis for a monthlong Bible study.

As he sees it, Hungry won't compete with other churches. "Our competition," he said, "is every other place people could be, such as the movies, the driving range ... or the football game."

Johnson said over the years he would see places that would make a good church, but not him. He was happy where he was. But, he kept getting those visions of people hungry for God, worshipping God. And, one day, he realized the vision was for him. He shared his plans with three people who agreed to be elders of the new church - three who were desperately needed in starting a new church. They are making decisions together in things that have to do with running a church, such as choosing a podium (too expensive?), or how do you collect the offerings? And, he is not afraid of failing.

"If something doesn't go the way you thought it was going to go, it's realistic to mourn ... dust yourself off and get back up, get counsel," he said. "God may be saying do it again, or he may give you the missing piece and say, 'This is how you should have done it.'

"Failure is one of the destinations on the way to success."

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