Saturday, December 23, 2006

Nifong drops rape charges; others stand

Seems Nifong finally decided he didn't have enough evidence to prosecute the three lacrosse players with rape.

"The victim in this case indicated that, while she initially believed that she had been vaginally penetrated by a male sex organ ... she cannot at this time testify with certainty" that it occurred, Nifong wrote. Since such penetration is one of the elements the state must prove beyond a reasonable doubt in a prosecution of a charge of first-degree forcible rape, "the State is unable to meet its burden of proof with respect to this offense," he continued.
When is the legal community going to realize they have a joke for a District Attorney in Durham? No, absolutely NO DNA linked either of the three boys charged with the rape of this accuser. In fact, it didn't even link her boyfriend! He has known this all along, but proceeded to charge these boys and ruin their lives forever. It doesn't matter that he has now 'decided' to drop this charge; it will always remain in the minds of people and most will always either wonder if they are indeed guilty or simply believe they are. And, on top of that, he's keeping the charges of kidnapping and other sexual offenses. And, Nifong has to know this accuser is lying, and these boys are innocent.

This is a travesty that never should have taken place. I believe, as others do, that Nifong saw a way of furthering his career and getting re-elected, which he did. He kept the truth away from everyone until he was re-elected. And, now that it's almost time for the trial to take place months later, he 'decides' to drop the rape charges. Why not drop them all? Why not confess you know these boys are innocent? Why not charge the accuser for lying?

Better still, why is Nifong not being charged for misconduct in the prosecution of these boys? The accuser has constantly changed her story. She had sex with 3 different men, but NOT these 3 men from Duke University. DNA proved that. And, as with this charge, the state will be unable to prove any of the other charges. Yet, this man proceeds to prosecute. Can you say "waste of taxpapers money"?

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