Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Keeping Christ in Christmas

Well, it is almost time for Christmas again. Seems it comes earlier every year. Or, is it, that the time just passes off more quickly as our years roll by?

You can tell when seasons change, especially the Christmas season. The stores begin to put out their most gorgeous decorations, light up the Christmas trees, and start advertising Christmas sales. Oh, it's not in December, either! I've seen the advertisements out as early as July, and the lights and decorations are always out before Thanksgiving now. One holiday is never over before another one is on the way - in the buying world.

Speaking of Christmas, it has almost become extinct in some places. Many stores are on the politically correct roll, and have removed Christmas from their advertising. In fact, many use 'Happy Holidays', instead. Politically correctness is also the means of losing sells during this season. People have begun to boycotting stores that take Christmas and Christ out of the season. So, we've seen several big stores get the message and incorporate Christmas back into the holiday. Sells mean more to them than Christmas, so they are willing to appease those of us who believe that Christ is the reason for the season, and put Him back in. The love of the almighty dollar has changed many people over time.

The true Christmas card is also hard to find. It's all about the 'holidays', not Christ. It's all in the presents one is buying, not in the love of God, and reaching out and touching those most unfortunate souls that don't know Him as Savior. Most stores are playing Christmas carols; just not those associated with God. In other words, the season is here; Christ is being left behind. As Marvin Read says in his column, “It's less about prophet and more about profit.”

But, just so we don't forget, Christ is the reason for the Christian season. Christ was born over 2000 years ago, sent to earth by the Father, as His only begotten Son. Through His virgin birth, we were given the chance to regain our rightful citizenship in the Kingdom of God. We are born into this sinful world that holds everything for us. But, without that 'passport' called salvation, we will never make it to that Kingdom, and never experience the true love of God. We will also never enter into the eternal rest all of those who are reborn will obtain.

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