Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Doing it the right way

That is a foreign concept in our day: the "right" way. Why? When I was growing up — and until recent years — most athletes played by the rules and did things the right way. Their only "enhancement" was hard work, which refined natural talent.

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Cal Thomas wrote an article today about doing it the right way. When we grew up, you tried to do things the right way, and if you got in trouble, you didn't go on the radio or television and talk about it. Nowadays, it seems that a person doing things the wrong way get more media attention than those that do right. Consider all the Hollywood celebrities who have been in the news lately. Also, remember how Hank Aaron made it into the baseball Hall of Fame - with character, integrity, and sportsmanship. Compare that with Barry Bonds who is about to surpass Aaron's record.

What are we teaching the younger generations? Is it like Cal said. Frank Sinatra sang a song that said, "I'll do it my way". Is that how we are teaching our children, or do we want them to do it by the rules?

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