Thursday, July 19, 2007


This post is not about jam that you put on your peanut butter sandwich. And, I am not in any jam (traffic jam, etc.) I’m actually speaking about Jesus and Me. However, I have been known to pray to Jesus when I’ve been in a traffic jam. I want to know the easiest way out possible (get me to the nearest exit).

Last night, my 13 year old grandson brought up Jesus. He had seen a small magnet on my refrigerator that says ‘God couldn’t be everywhere, so he made grandmothers’. He took the magnet and came in the Den where I was and asked, “Do you believe God can be everywhere?” Of course, I answered “yes, he’s everywhere – in your heart, if you believe in him.” So, we got into this long conversation on Jesus and God.

The conversation went to what he believed and his misconceptions. We got into evolution and I find science has made an impression on him – too much of one! He got onto the subject of man evolving from monkeys. I explained to him that it did not matter what science said; it matters what God says in His Word. And, Genesis 1:26 says “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness”. I dare say God is not a monkey. In the passages before, he talked about bringing forth every living creature after ‘their kind’. It is hard to explain away scientists’ ‘findings’ to an impressionable child, but hopefully, I made a better impression on him. A child’s mind is so bendable when they are young, and hopefully I have nipped in the bud the wrong impression of where we came from.

Never underestimate what a small magnet on your refrigerator can do. And, never underestimate the thoughts of a child (teenager in my case). J.A.M can help both of us out of a difficult situation. And, Jesus can help you and I explain to these thinking teenagers (and children) what His Word really means and how it contradicts what man has to offer us from ‘his way of thinking’ or perhaps even ‘his findings’ (evolution, for example).

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moreofhim said...

Isn't it wonderful how a magnet led you to this conversation with your grandson? It's so sad what the schools are teaching our children and you're right - their young minds are very impressionable and bendable. God placed that magnet and his very special Grandma in that child's life for such a time as this. How beautiful that you were able to share your faith and the truth with him!
God bless you! I always enjoy coming and reading your thoughts! They bless me immensely!