Saturday, July 07, 2007

Home is where the heart is

Yesterday was our 43rd anniversary. So, we had planned on going on a 4 day vacation. We left Thursday morning. We didn't call ahead and get a motel because usually we have no problem where we usually stay. BAD mistake this time! This is the 2nd time we've wound up with no motel in the city where we wanted to stay on an anniversary trip. Won't happen again.

We had to stay about 20 minutes from where we really wanted to stay, closer to coming home. We spent Thursday night, very unhappy with what we had in the way of a motel and it's amenities (the Internet hook up was a farce! - almost non-existent) It was too far from places we wanted to see and things we wanted to do, having to go through 5 lane Interstates filled to the brim, accompanied by road work. That's not fun, even where we live.

So, guess what. We packed our bags and came HOME yesterday. Then, we treated ourselves to a great meal at OutBack Restaurant for our anniversary. It was nice to come home and be lazy (we slept in our chairs for hours) and then crawl into our own soft bed with our own pillows. You don't realize what you are missing, until you do get away from home and have to put up with such soft pillows that you don't know you have one under your head. What a relief to get one that was already accustomed to my head!

We realized it is easier to cut a not-so-exciting trip short and come home (where the heart truly was) than to stay around and spend money when we could have a good time at home. We will go another time when it is cooler and we have planned ahead (my husband said he'd never go off without making reservations again). The only problem was we didn't know if he could get off work until the last minute (they didn't work Mon-Weds because of the 4th), so he asked off for the rest of the week. He know wishes he had worked. We woke up to rain this morning which was badly needed, but it looks like mostly rain all next week. Anyway, we are home now and enjoying being lazy for the rest of the weekend.

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Neil said...

Happy Anniversary! I also wanted to mention how much I appreciate your blog! Don't comment often, but it is such a refreshing place to visit, full of friendly information and always encouraging! Kudos to you Ms. Barbara!

Barbara said...

Thank you so much, Neil. I've neglected the blog lots this summer,having 2 of our daughter's sons during the week. We've been child-free since Tuesday afternoon, and they will be coming back Monday morning. So we are enjoying this weekend of freedom.

By the way, I really love visiting your blog, as well.